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Your Carbon Emissions: LCA & EPD

Brewster Brothers are the first recycled aggregates producer in the UK to achieve an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for recycled aggregates. The EPD has been achieved by first carrying out a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on our recycled aggregates and has been independently verified by BRE Group.

The EPD covers our: 0-2mm sand, 0-4mm sand, 4-10mm gravel, 10-20mm gravel, 20-40mm gravel, Type 1, 6F5 and clay.

Brewster Brothers EPD

The Basics

The impact of our EPD on our customers and the main contractors in their supply chains is that you now have access to accurate and transparent environmental impact data for your sustainability reporting. There IS a solution, you don’t need to trawl around looking for carbon data on the products you use in your projects, or if you’re a main contractor, there is a way to ensure your supply chain is choosing the most sustainable products and a way for your sub-contractors to verify that to you.

This solution allows you to get an accurate picture of your Scope 3 Emissions whilst also participating in a Carbon Insetting approach to sustainability, which encourages the reduction of emissions throughout your supply chain rather than offsetting.

You can use an EPD in the design and procurement phases. To interpret an EPD you need to look at the environmental impact categories listed in the summary table and their corresponding results or you could use a comparison tool. From here you can use this data to inform your sustainability reporting or, you can use these results to compare other products with EPDs to identify the most sustainable choice for your project.

EPDs can be used alone or in conjunction with each other to help you achieve sustainable accreditation for your project or even a specific building.

For detailed information on LCAs, EPDs and GHG Emissions Scopes 1-3 head over to our dedicated FAQs page.


Using the results from the EPD, we can provide you with accurate carbon savings for using our recycled aggregates versus the average for both virgin and other recycled aggregates according to the UK Government’s indices.

Use the calculator below to see how many tonnes of CO2e emissions you could save on your next construction project. Input the number of tonnes of each product you need and our calculator will generate a carbon saving for using our recycled aggregates and give an indicative price for your order.

Find out how much carbon you could save by using our products and enquire about your next order through our carbon calculator.  


How do we produce our recycled aggregates

Environmental Management

All of our washed products larger than 0-4mm are compliant to BS EN 13242 which is the standard for pipe bedding for fine and coarse aggregate and BS EN 12620 which is the standard for aggregate in concrete.

Applications and uses for recycled products

Recycled aggregates are a solution to dwindling virgin deposits, not a compromise. Our two types of sand are ideal for concrete production, cable laying, slab laying and can even be blended as fines to create Type 1. Our three types of gravel can be used for pipe bedding, block production, drainage and concrete production. To find out the specific uses for each product, check the uses and applications section on the product pages.