We use our wet-processing system to extract valuable resources from construction, demolition and excavation waste.

  1. Waste is fed into the recycling plant.
  2. As the waste moves through the plant, oversized materials (larger than 100mm) are removed first, then any metals are extracted using overband magnets
  3. All the remaining material is given an initial rinse
  4. The rinsed materials are then separated into a >4mm solid fraction (gravel), and a <4mm fine fraction solution (sand, silt/clay aggregates).
  5. The coarse fraction moves through the logwasher, where it is thoroughly scrubbed by an attritional process, has any trash content (metals, plastic and organics) removed and is then graded to create our 3 different gravel products.
  6. The fine fraction solution moves through hydrocyclones where the ‘heavy’ sand is separated by density from the lighter silt and clay.
  7. The sand is then dewatered and graded into our two sand products.

For an in-depth explanation of our process, see our process page.