In large we require a WM3 classification of material as non-hazardous before we can accept waste at our recycling centre, although we have recently received permission from SEPA to process a modest amount of hazardous soils and stones (EWC 17 05 03).

Many people confuse WM3 with WAC analysis. WAC analysis is only relevant for waste destined for landfill whereas waste that is to be recycled needs a WM3 waste classification to ensure that it is processed at an appropriately licensed facility. A site investigation report will normally contain soil analysis. From this information, we can offer an independent service to complete a WM3 interpretation on your behalf at minimal cost. In some instances, if waste soil is coming from a greenfield site for example, then we will not require a WM3 as long as we have confirmation from a site investigation that the site is indeed previously undeveloped land. 

If you have any queries regarding WM3 or WAC classifications, please do not hesitate to get in touch via phone 01506 431321 or email [email protected].