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Sustainable Days Out in Edinburgh and West Lothian

Jan 16, 2019 | Sustainability

Did you know that Edinburgh is the number 1 greenest city in the UK? With 49.2% of green space in Edinburgh, it’s no wonder it came out on top. The capital of Scotland may be known for its history, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and, of course, the birthplace of Harry Potter (JK Rowling wrote from a view looking over Edinburgh castle that inspired her Hogwarts) but it’s also known for being environmentally friendly. Whether you’re looking for something to eat or a fun day out for the family, there’s a tonne of sustainable days out in Edinburgh and West Lothian.

As advocates in recycling ourselves and based in Livingstone and Edinburgh, we give our top tips for environmentally friendly living in and around Edinburgh.

Days Out

When you think about it, there are tonnes of day out opportunities in Edinburgh: the Edinburgh Castle, multiple museums and it even has a beach (Portobello Beach). But what about more sustainable days out?

Edinburgh Zoo

Fun for everyone, Edinburgh Zoo holds the prestigious Green Tourism Business Scheme Gold Award and is our top choice. The zoo and its staff work hard to spread awareness of damage to the planet and how everyone can make a difference to preserve the natural world. Plus they’ve opted for a catering service that only uses compostable cutlery too!

Dynamic Earth

Also holding the Green Tourism Business Scheme Gold Award is five-star visitor attraction Dynamic Earth! Visitors can experience travelling through time and space in an interactive 4D journey of the lifetime of our planet. Whether jumping back to the Big Bang or the time of the dinosaurs you can witness bursting volcanoes, shivering polar ice caps and aquatic wonders. There’s no doubt you’ll be amazed, experience firsthand all climate zones and learn how our lifestyles affect the natural world. They also hold several workshops, educating adults and children about climate change and sustainability.

Eating Out

Instead of the local supermarket why not try the Edinburgh Farmers Market or Stockbridge Market for locally sourced produce and street food for a sustainable day out?

It’s a well-known fact that cutting meat out of your diet, even if it’s just for a couple of days a week, can improve your carbon footprint greatly. So if it’s a sit-down meal you’re after try Henderson’s, Scotland’s first veggie restaurant still going strong after 47 years. Or if Henderson’s doesn’t tickle your fancy, why not check out this list of wholesome and healthy eats.

Brewster Bros – sustainable waste management and recycled aggregates in Livingston and Edinburgh

Based in Livingston is the Chamber of Commerce for West Lothian whereby they’ve introduced an Environmental Club, offering members the opportunity to develop their business to have a better impact on the environment. So if you’re also a local business, why not consider jumping on board to tackle climate change?

At Brewster Bros, we believe in being environmentally friendly and responsible. Did you know that nearly 44% of all waste produced in Scotland is construction and demolition waste? With our state of the art recycling facility, we recover and reuse sustainable building materials. Contact us for our recycling and aggregate delivery services today.