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Washed Products

Our high-quality washed products have been thoroughly cleaned by our state-of-the-art wet processing recycling plant to remove any contaminants. Our plant produces 5 washed products: 

Where does it come from?

Our washed products are reclaimed from construction, demolition and excavation waste. We operate a circular business which means that we want to eliminate waste by repurposing it to make quality products. This extends the life cycle of materials and benefits the environment. Landfill is at the end of the traditional take, make, waste model and isn’t a sustainable solution for dealing with waste. Virgin aggregates are finite resources that are energy intensive to procure, making a significant impact to the environment.

How do we produce our washed products? 

Firstly a primary screening to remove any oversized materials, followed by a powerful magnet extracting any metals. Organic and plastic matter is filtered out throughout the rest of the process when the waste is screened, washed and it eventually comes out the other end as high-quality recycled aggregate.

Why Wash?

Washing allows a much cleaner and ultimately higher value product to be extracted from the waste we receive. If the material was not washed then we could not separate materials (eg. sand) and remove contaminants by density. Only production of basic, low value dry screened and crushed products would be achievable. Washing ensures that the waste can be truly recycled and not down-cycled into lower value applications than their original use.

Applications and uses for our washed aggregates

Our washed products can be used for a wide range of applications from drainage and pipe bedding to concrete production and beyond. They are all tested in line with our quality management system as part of the WRAP protocol and adhere to the Series 500 Specification for Highway Works.