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Crushed / Screened Products

Our crushed/ screened products are made of high-quality repurposed materials from construction, demolition and excavation waste. We offer 3 types of crushed/ screened products:

Where does it come from?

Our crushed/screened/fill products are reclaimed from construction, demolition and excavation waste and range from recycled aggregate to shale blaes.

Crushed/ Screened Products

How do we produce our crushed/screened products?

The process is different depending on the product. It can go through all or a combination of the steps below. For more information see the specific product pages.

If it is a washed product like Type 1 then it will go through our recycling wash plant first. The recycling wash plant washes, screens and grades the waste to extract the different aggregates. The desired aggregates can then be chosen from the stockpiles created by the wash plant and blended to meet the desired criteria of the customer. 

If the product is unwashed like 6F5 Capping then it will start its life on our site as oversized material which is scalped off at the start of the wash plant process and taken to the crusher to be reduced to the desired size. 

If the product is screened like 0-6mm ¼” Shale Blaes then it will be processed by giant sieves to grade the material to the desired size or sizes.

Applications and uses for crushed/screened products

Our crushed/screened/fill products have a variety of uses from path building material to landscaping and subbase for roads. See the individual product pages for more information. All of our products are tested in line with our quality management system as part of the WRAP protocol and all (except shale blaes) adhere to the Series 600 and 800 of  Specification for Highway Works.