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Our topsoil comes either ‘As Dug’ or ‘Screened’. The two types are generally used together to form a growing medium before an area is planted or turfed.

Applications & Uses

As Dug
Can be used as a growing medium for rougher scrub planting areas of ground that do not need to be overly manicured.

This is most commonly used for landscaping and planting. It’s also usually the final layer that goes down before an area is turfed.


How do we separate and produce our topsoil?

  1. As Dug Topsoil

    As the name suggests, this is soil which hasn’t gone through the screening process and is simply stored on our site after leaving it’s site of origin.

  2. Screened Topsoil

    Screened soil has been processed through our mobile screen, which has vibrating sieves to separate the materials. Other ingredients such as sand can then be added to give the soil more ‘body’ and change its draining properties.

Where does our Topsoil Come From

  • Our topsoil normally comes to our recycling facility having been stripped from greenfield construction sites. Reuse of such greenfield soils on the site of excavation is not regulated as a waste activity.