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Shale Blaes

We sell a range of products including ¼” blaes, ⅛” blaes and ‘as dug’ rough blaes. Shale blaes are most commonly used to surface tracks and pathways or as a granular fill. All of these products are available to purchase by the tonne and can either be delivered directly to you or uplifted from our recycling facility.

Appliications & uses

Uses for 0-6mm(¼”) shale blaes
0-6mm shale blaes are perfect for speedway tracks and occasionally pathways as well. 

Uses for 0-18mm (¾”) shale blaes
0-18mm shale blaes are ideal for pathways. 

Uses for ‘As Dug’ shale blaes
‘As dug’ blaes is most commonly used as a general granular fill material for bulking out or capping an area as per Series 600 of the Specification for Highway Works.

Shale process

Where do Shale Blaes come from?

There was a rich shale oil history around West Lothian between 1851 and 1962. In its prime, the county had an annual output of over 3 million tonnes, which was mainly used for producing lubricating oils as well as paraffin for heating and lighting. As a result, there are plenty of bings dotted around the local area. Our own recycling facility has been built on the site of an old bing, which we restored when we took over the site back in 2017.