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Rubble is made up of a mixture of concrete, bricks, tiles and ceramics.

Where does it come from?

Larger construction sites tend to recycle their rubble in-situ. Smaller projects don’t accumulate the same volume of materials to justify investing in the equipment needed to recycle the waste and so they need a specialist recycling facility like our own to help extract the value from the materials for reuse. 


How do we recycle rubble?

At our recycling plant, we can process concrete, bricks, tiles and ceramics which are then used to make a variety of different products. The materials are cleaned, crushed and screened using density separation to grade the demolition waste into its composite parts of gravel and sand for reuse in the construction market. If you’d like to know more about our recycling process, please visit our Process page for more details.

The Result

We extract the maximum value from the materials by washing them to remove almost all contaminants (with a 1% tolerance) before grading the materials to create new quality products to be used in construction projects.