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Where does it come from?

The glass we recycle comes from Material Recycling Facilities. Once it has been processed through our plant it can then be used to create new products.

recycled glass

How do we recycle glass?

The first stage of the glass recycling process is to purify and clean the materials to remove contaminants which can include paper, organics, plastics and metals. Removing the contaminants maximises the volume of materials that can be recovered as the contaminants can affect the optical sorting process. This pre-treatment maximises the recoverable materials and makes our service far more effective by ensuring nothing goes to waste. Please visit our Process page for more details.

The Result

Our recycling glass solution produces a high quality glass product far cleaner than traditional glass recycling services because of our pre-treatment process. Once the glass fraction over 10mm has been through our plant where it is washed and screened, it can then be re-smelted to create new products (eg: for glass bottles in the Scottish Whisky industry). Any glass fraction less than 10mm can be used as a glass aggregate in the construction industry as an alternative to virgin sand and gravel.