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Construction Trommel Fines

Where do our Construction Trommel Fines come from?

Construction trommel fines consist of wood, organics, aggregate, glass and sand which can be found in construction skip waste. Typically, these materials are sent to landfill because of their fibrous nature which makes them hard to separate during the recycling process. We have invested in advanced technology which enables us to recycle construction trommel fines. This helps our customers manage their waste responsibly and saves them money by avoiding the landfill tax as well as contributing to the Scottish Government’s Zero Waste strategy.

construction trommel fines process

How do we recycle Construction Trommel Fines

The first stage of our construction trommel fines recycling solution begins with the removal of contaminants such as sand, grit, stone and any unwanted lightweight matter.

After this, the trommel fines receive a tertiary water treatment which removes heavy metal and hydrocarbon contamination from the waste water that is used in the recycling process.

The Result

Up to 70% of construction trommel fines can be saved from landfill by using our recycling solution. The resulting materials can be sold back into the construction industry as recycled aggregates helping to close the loop on waste.