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6F5 Capping

6F5 is a crushed demolition product composed of 0-75mm aggregate that is used as a selected granular fill for capping layers.

Applications & uses for our 6f5

The varied properties make it an ideal capping layer for roads and buildings. It is often the layer that goes down to poor sub-grade ground before Type 1 subbase. The properties make it compact well to offer a stable base on soft ground.

Our capping material meets the Series 800 Specification for Highway Works. This standard is relevant for materials that are intended to be used for road pavement, unbound, cement and hydraulically bound mixtures.


Specification for Highway WorksBritish Standards
Seriess 600BS EN 13242


Brewster Brothers are the first aggregates producer in the UK to achieve an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for recycled aggregates. This has been independently verified by BRE Group. The impact of our EPD on our customers and the main contractors in their supply chains is that you now have access to accurate and transparent environmental impact data for your sustainability reporting.

Using the results from the EPD, we can provide you with accurate carbon savings for using our recycled aggregates versus the average for both virgin and other recycled aggregates according to the UK Government’s indices. Use our brand new Carbon Calculator to find out about the carbon you could save using our products.  

Brewster Brothers EPD

How do we separate and produce our 6F5?

  • Materials that are deemed oversized for the wash plant, over 100mm, are taken to the crusher on site where they are broken down to the required size for 6F5.

Where does our 6f5 come from

    It is a crushed product created from oversized material that is set aside for crushing or rejected from our wash plant.