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Waste management is one of the most regulated industries. We operate an Integrated Management System, presided over by our SHEQ Officer, that intertwines our Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Management systems. We intend to undergo an ISO audit for this system in 2021. Brewster Bros is committed to going above and beyond compliance to ensure the products and services that we supply are of the highest quality and do not harm the environment. To do this, we are cross examined by a wide range of independent organisations including SEPA and our products comply with WRAP Protocol, several British Standards and multiple Specifications for Highway Works

Quality Management System

British Standards

Established by the British Standards Institution, British Standards have been established as a national bench mark for quality across a wide range of industries. Our aggregates meet BS EN 12620 ‘Aggregates for Concrete’. BS 8500 for the production of concrete allows for 100% BS12620 recycled aggregate to be used in GEN 0 to GEN 3 concrete and 20% to be used in RC20/25 to RC 40/50 (except where the specification allows a higher proportion to be used).

Specification for Highway Works

The Specification for Highway Works is comprised of a range of ‘Series’ each relating to a specific function. The Series relevant to our products are 500, 600 and 800. All of our washed products meet the Series 500 Specification for Highway Works which deals with Drainage and Service Ducts. Our crushed/ screened products (except for topsoil and shale blaes) adhere to Series 600 and 800 which relate to Earthworks and Road Pavements respectively. 

WRAP Protocol

The Waste and Resources Action Plan (WRAP) is a British charity founded to aid businesses, communities and individuals to achieve a circular economy. The WRAP Protocol for recycled aggregates ensures that any recycled products that we are providing are a quality product and are no longer waste. This protocol has been designed to reduce the demand for traditional aggregates and encourage the use of recycled products. 

Environmental Management System


The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) is Scotland’s principal environmental regulator. SEPA works to maintain and protect Scotland’s natural resources, ensuring they are being used as sustainably as possible. Because we use and transport waste, we are required to hold a SEPA Waste Carrier License and SEPA Waste Management license to demonstrate that the work we do causes no harm to human health, the natural environment, or any local amenities. This ensures that we are operating in line with National compliance.