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A New Look

May 5, 2021 | News

Last week marked the launch of our brand new website! We’ve grown considerably since launching in 2018 and it was time for a refresh. We’re committed to being transparent and have dedicated content to show our customers exactly how we manage their waste and create high quality, sustainable recycled products. The new site also makes booking online seamless.


It’s important to us that we are as open as possible with how our business works. A minority of unscrupulous operators have sadly given the waste management industry a murky reputation, but we are proud of what we do and have nothing to hide!

Our new website features a detailed process page explaining every step the CD&E waste that comes to our site takes when it is processed through our state-of-the-art recycling plant until it comes out as high quality recycled products. You will also find details on each individual product page of where the product comes from and how it is processed. 

  • Find out more on our Process page. 

As the circular economy is strengthening and technology and research develop, we are challenged to become ever more sustainable. We’re passionate about innovation and have a page dedicated to sustainability on the new website outlining the steps we take to ensure our work, from start to finish, has a positive impact on the environment.

Waste management is one of the most highly regulated industries and as such we strive to go above and beyond compliance. We’re proud of the services we provide and the recycled products we create. They’re a solution, not a compromise and have been tested against stringent standards.


Book in 3 Easy Steps

Use the ‘Book Now’ button on our website to go through to the booking portal then create an account or login. 

new website - online booking process

Once you’ve logged in or created your JobWatch account, click ‘+ New Job’ to get started.  

new website - online booking process

Fill in the details of the job.

new website - online booking process

Once you have added your new job, you will return to the home screen where you can check its progress or amend your order.

new website - online booking process

That’s it. It really is quick and simple to book online and the system makes it even easier to rebook products and services too.


We hope you like our new website as much as we do. Keep your eyes peeled over the coming months for some more exciting announcements. The new website is just a taste of what’s to come.